As I stared into a monochromatic panorama that was inclusive of every hue of blue,

I watched these fragile giants glimmer and reflect off the mirrored sea.

Have you ever seen something so striking that you feel like your mind can’t comprehend it?

As if the imagery was in a different language that my brain is not able to understand.


While my senses tried to absorb the wonder to explain it to my mind; there was a crack.

This still and delicate ice monument my eyes were fixed on began to crumble into the water.

The loud noise was jarring but not quite as much as the way the rippling waters

touched the other smaller pieces – reminding them they too were once together.

I watched all the smaller pieces of icebergs rustling in the water and crashing into each other

And I realized that this is what loss feels like.


This is the fragility of happiness.